General Election 2019

Cut through the political noise and understand the impact on your business.

During the General Election campaign there will be masses of coverage but how can you cut through all the noise and make sure you haven’t missed key information relevant to your business?

Being aware as soon as possible of proposals or statements that impact on your interests enables you to identify risks and opportunities and respond accordingly.

Whoever wins the forthcoming election there will be new policies, new Ministers and new MPs. What impact will those policies have on you? Which MPs will take an interest in the issues important to you and how can you develop a relationship with them? Who will be the Ministers covering your sector and what are their intentions?

As a long established government and parliamentary consultancy with experience stretching over six general elections, our election service will help you to cut through the political noise and understand the impact on your business.

We offer two fixed price packages, one covering the election campaign itself which will ensure that you are fully and promptly informed of all activity relevant to you. The other provides you with the information you need to know about the post-election landscape.

Our Pre-Election Package:

Keeps you fully and immediately up to date on all policy announcements, statements and information from the major political parties released during the campaign.

This includes a full analysis of the manifestos from the major political parties.

Advises you on when and how to respond where appropriate.

Cost: £750 + VAT

Our Post-Election Package:

Provides an analysis of what was said during the election and previously by the party now in government about policy in your area of operations so you know what lies ahead.

Provides information about new MPs representing constituencies where you have facilities and those with an interest in your policy areas.

Provides biographies of relevant new Ministers including their previous comments on issues relevant to your sector.

Offers a complementary meeting after the election to discuss the likely policy threats and opportunities coming from the new Government with advice on how you can develop effective relationships with key political stakeholders at an early stage.

Cost: £1,450 + VAT

Both Packages:

Cost: £2,000 + VAT

If you think that we can help you to stay ahead during this election campaign, or for any further information about the services we offer, please get in touch.