Making Your Voice Heard

To change minds and influence decisions, our task is to ensure that your case is presented in the most effective way, to the right people, at the right time.

Of prime importance is establishing at the start your objectives for a public affairs campaign. This may be to seek a specific action, change policy or generally raise your profile in the corridors of power.

Having taken the brief, we will:

Devise a strategy to achieve the objective.

Prepare the case in detail so that it is credible, backed by research and clearly outlines the pathway to the objective.

Identify those who actually make decisions, those who have influence over them and those who have a shared interest and who would be willing to support your case.

Refine your messages and tailor them to the audiences to give reasons for the decision makers to agree with you.

Ensure that the local and regional aspects of your case are fully taken into account.

Organise meetings with officials and politicians that have a purpose and supply briefing material that cuts through and gets noticed.

Plan and organise events such as Parliamentary receptions, round tables, drop in events and conference fringe meetings.