Keeping You Informed

To ensure that you are fully and immediately informed of everything happening in government and parliament that affects you, we provide a comprehensive monitoring service.

This covers information from all the UK legislatures and governments, the major political parties, think tanks and key representative and pressure groups relevant to your interests.

It is managed personally by one our team to ensure that you only receive material that is directly relevant.

Is provided as a summary brief and not a series of links that you have to click through to see if they are relevant.

It not only gives you the information but, where appropriate, will advise you on how you might respond and make use of it to promote your interests.

Benefits of the Service

You are able to respond to issues raised to inform or rebut any negative points.

You receive early warning ensuring early input into the decision making process.

You identify politicians and others with an interest in your issues.

You are positioned to understand and mitigate political risk that might affect you.